So I guess it’s finally time to buy a new home.

We would love to help you. We have access to 4 different mls systems helping you from south San Antonio-North Austin, Houston and all areas in between. We love to help out our clients and take it as a challenge to find them the perfect home. Of course, once we find you that home, we will negotiate the best price and terms possible and help you to secure, build and finalize the purchase. From start to finish we are there to hold your hand and help you through the process.

“We take pride in accessibility. We want our clients to feel like they can get an answer from us any time they need it. This is why we stay extremely responsive through call, text, email and our website chat that goes to our cell phones as well. If you don’t believe us shoot me a text and see how long it takes to get a response. Of course with the chat, if you jump off our page before we are able to reply please leave your contact info or we won’t know how to contact you.”

-Ryan Parker, Realtor®

Please give us a chance and we will prove that we know what we are doing and will be able to help you better than any other agents/Realtors. We have a lifetime of real estate experience and excel in our customer service and try hard to make you feel real comfortable with not only us but the transaction as well. Hey, best of all, as the buyer, the seller covers any of our fees so you are getting free representation. May as well take advantage of it by using the best realtors around 😉