Here there is a saying that the walls of a house portray the life of the people living in it. How true is that?!? Most of us put together all of our life’s saving into buying a house. Houses can be bought and built by anyone. But what turns a house into a home is the way it is designed and maintained. Everyone wishes their house to be designed in accordance to their convenience, taste and luxuries. So now that you’ve decided to go for your dream home, you’re faced with your first tough question. Do I choose a big banner name or a small builder for a custom made house?  

This is how the idea of custom homes packages came into existence. A custom package or deal is a contract signed between the house owner and the builder to build up a house as per the owner’s liking. It is up to the owner to choose the plan, lot size, house layout, material to be uses, designs, colors, etc. Professional architecture or interior designers can be hired to bring your imaginations to life.

There is a long list of builders offering custom houses on sale packages. To make a worthy decision on whether you should go for it or not let’s go through this. The first step is to choose among a builder with high volume custom homes on sale or a smaller builder. This solely depends upon the range of choices you wish to make in your custom home. Small builder will be offering lesser choices and variety of choices and the counterpart will be offering more of it.

Some of the builder have a pre-built library of choices. Combinations of stones, paints, wooden materials, carpeting, landscaping etc. to be used in the house are available. Owner can choose the one suiting his needs. However, other builders have custom built houses on sale, where each and everything is chosen by the home owner. There are no pre-built proposals to choose from. However, more choices mean higher cost.

Custom built houses on sale with the big builders are on lands and areas selected by the builders. These big builders select an area for their development and sub divide the land into plots. These pots are ideal for first time settlers, movers or luxury home seekers. However, with small builder one can even choose to build a house on pre-owned land or land purchased in desirable area.

The work force used in making the custom-built houses on sale is selected and employed by the builder itself. But with small builders, you can meet each of the working member personally and describe them your idea of perfect home. The workforce includes the architect, the interior designer, the painter, the plumber, the landscaper, the electrician, etc. The collaboration of your ideas with experience of the workforce from different sections of building society, brings incredible results.

There are few builders only and builder restricted features for big builder oriented custom homes on sales. However, the only constraint with small builders is about budget and the local building laws. A big builder plan give you a proper budget and prices of additional charges of custom added materials. On the other hand, you need to sit with the small builder to plan a budget to keep finances in control.

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