There is nothing more satisfying than achieving your desired results when renovating your home. While tackling a home renovation can be thrilling, it can be quite expensive and stressful especially when it comes to time and money. It is important, therefore, to consider the following things before tackling a home renovation regardless of the size of the job.

  • Have you vetted the Contractor?

If you ask your friends in the neighborhood, they’ll tell you about their horrible experience with contractors. Don’t just allow anyone to work on your home in the name of a contractor. Vetting is very important. Take time and get a few quotes for every project. Check for references. Ask for a portfolio of the contractor’s work and if possible, contact several referrals. AT the end of the day, this will help you avoid disappointments and save you valuable money.

  • Do you need a Permit for the Renovation?

There are small changes in your home that won’t require any permit since you can handle them by yourself. However, larger projects that may involve altering or adding the entire structure or plumbing and electrical works will require permits. Get a permit to avoid being fined and any delays on the project. Always be informed on the rules or rather the laws of your local area or city.

  • Do you need to Relocate During the Job

Well, your health and that of your family is one thing that needs attention. Consider this, a lot of dust and dirt all over the place yet you are there with your kids. This is a health risk. Maybe you should consider staying with family or moving to a hotel for a while until the job is done.

  • Do you have a buffer?

You’ll agree to the fact that renovating a new home or even your current one costs a lot of money and even takes longer than one might expect. It is smart to build in a buffer of both money and time as this will help you set the right expectations.

After doing all these you need to still ask yourself if you are ready for the renovation. Do you really want it done? If you are okay with it then go ahead. Regardless of the size, renovating could be that one step to living in your dream home.

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