New Braunfels is a beautiful city with the availability of all types of accommodation. One can opt from one to five bedroom houses with varying architectures. Olden days constructions, modern era’s luxury apartments and renovated fusions of both are available in New Braunfels. Now, what makes houses for sale in New Braunfels a better deal than the counter parts?

The area is situated on the bank of river Comal and hence offering extremely amazing climate to settle in. The area has all basic as well as luxurious amenities of big cities. In addition to that the river and cold spring sights gives a feel of the marvellous country side. You can easily get pre-approved loans for New Braunfels houses on sale. All these reasons have resulted in the growth of single family houses by two times in last years.

A three-four bedroom New Braunfels house can cost anywhere between USD 425,000 to USD 550,000. This can be as high as USD 625,000 in other states. There are many one-two bedroom, newly-built New Braunfels houses on sale. These features modern kitchen-bath, built-in appliance and remote operated garages. This attractive features makes it a perfect choice for couples and families with small kids. These are also amazing options for those stepping in the New Braunfels real estate. You get a lot in the basic prices.

On the other hand, New Braunfels houses are also a perfect option for European investors.  The local authorities and the Canadian General Tower collaborated in 2016. To provide the joint venture with funds the authorities had further joined hands with the Titan Development. They are investing around 80m in 28 acres of land into building. The targets are to collect revenues of around $3, 072,000 and employing around 200 people. Hence upgrading the potential of the place to a higher level. Hence the real estate predictions are pointing at rising prices of New Braunfels houses on sale.  

With packed spaces and unavailability of single family homes in most of the mega polis in the U.S., people are opting for New Braunfels. And hence the population of the city, which was 39,000 people in year 2000 have increased to 70,000 by 2016. American Census have reported New Braunfels to be the second fast filling city in the country. This does wonders to the sale of New Braunfels houses on sale.

Residents also opt for the New Braunfels houses on the sale because of open spaces by the river side, lake side and springs. Buying an estate in New Braunfels is considered as paradise in real estate market. As they believe the city is heaps better than the overly packed and ‘trashy-street’ California.

The city has a few water parks, fishing spots, German Museums etc. It also holds up annual German sausage fest attracting International patrons. Kids at New Braunfels are also given regular German lessons in schools. Unlike the other cities in US where the history is being left out, Heritage is safe and preserved here. But the spaces are filling faster than ever and soon will be left with none.

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