Four Real Estate Agent Gimmicks to Look For by

Every industry and line of work has people who either can’t deliver quality work or are just unprofessional. While there are many professional and reputable real estate agents there are those who give it a bad rap. A good real estate agent will help you get more for your investment as a buyer and earn more money as a seller. You should look for such agents when the time to sell or buy a home reaches. Here are four real estate agent gimmicks to look for :

  • “If your home doesn’t sell, I am going to buy it.”

Real estate agents use this tactic as a strategy to attract more clients but it should not be the motivation to work with them. Of course, it isn’t dishonest since you’ll sign a contract with every detail. The problem lies in the fact that you might sell your house at much lower than the list price.

Don’t list your home because of this “reason.” Your real estate agent should have a clear and thorough marketing plan for your home.

  • “I’m the biggest real estate agent, I’m the best around.”

No one wants to work with an inexperienced agent. Chances are you are going to hire the biggest agent in your local area or one who has served a lot of clients and has many referrals. While this is important, it may also mean poor service especially if the agent is listing many houses. Most people think they are working with the agent only to realize he is listing more than 50 houses and either doesn’t have time for them or assigns an assistant.  This will never be an issue at  They always treat their clients like they are the only one and ensure great service, responsiveness and professionalism.

  • “There is a buyer for your house.”

You might receive this either in an email, letter or by phone. This is one of those tricks some agents will use to get to you as a home seller. Although some real estate agents might not be lying, this shouldn’t be the reason or motivation to hire them. Ensure the agent has the best marketing plan for your home. Most of them use this tactic to get your attention.

  • “The price of your home will get you a bidding war.”

Buyers might get competitive with each other over a given property on sale. This is what is referred to as a bidding war. A bidding war tends to increase the price of a home beyond its listing price. It is important to note that these rarely occurs. However, it doesn’t mean it might not happen with your home. When choosing a list price for your home, get one that you can live with. The strategy people use to get a bidding war involves listing a home for an amount that is less its worth. This can be too risky.

The role of a good real estate agent is to help you as the buyer find the best home within your budget. It’s not their duty to sell houses. Finding the right real estate agent can give you the best buying or selling experience. Always do your assignment right. Ask your friends and neighbors for referrals, check out for reviews online, and let your prospects respond to all your concerns.

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