Get a real estate agent like Ryan Parker with 4SaleNB.comTo enjoy a painless real estate transaction, you need to get a  real estate agent or broker. The biggest question lies in how you are going to find one. A good agent, such as Ryan or Tiffany Parker of, should be a professional with the right experience, can listen his clients, has the proper understanding of the market and observes the code of ethics in the real estate industry.

What is the difference between Realtors and Real Estate Agents?

While a realtor is an individual who has the license to sell real estate as an agent or broker, not all real estate agents are realtors. Realtors belong to the National Association of Realtors and have a commitment to follow the Code of Ethics and they can be able to display the Realtor logo.

What to consider when looking for a good real estate agent

Reviews and referrals

Most real estate agents are able to run their business because of referrals from their clients. To find the best real estate agent you can inquire from the people around on the agents they have worked with before. Get the agent who gives customer satisfaction the first priority and that will be the one your friends will be crediting.

Do an online search on Agent Listings

There exist many websites that may give reference to agents but the certainty of quality is guaranteed since they give reference to agents who paid to be listed. The better way is to Google the top real estate companies or you can visit, Best Realtor Reviews, that fall within your region then search for profiles of individual agents at offices within your vicinity. With the profile information you can deduce if the agent is experienced or new and as well customer reviews can help establish this.

Track the listing signs in your neighborhood.

Observe the day when the listing goes up and when the sign disappears too. Not all agents do the posting of sold signs. The agent who has more listings of sales is better in comparison to the agent with greatest number of sale signs.

Professional recommendations

It is an agent’s joy to refer buyers and sellers to other colleagues mostly when the service needed is not the area of specialization of the agent. Mortgage brokers are a resourceful when it comes to referrals considering the fact that they have information about the agents. As a common rule, professionals recommend other professionals.

Following printed advertisement

Real estate agents make advertisements for marketing themselves as well as the houses on sale. Find out house ads from newspapers and look up for the website the agent who is publicizing. You can inquire about their experience if they are agent specialists within your neighborhood.

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