Real Estate and Construction some times go hand in hand. I have been in both my entire life and have made some helpful construction and real estate videos to display our real estate listings and information and was hired years ago to make some how to videos for minor handyman type stuff that you may need to do around your house. I hope these videos come in handy and we are always adding more to try to help out.


4SaleNB Real Estate Videos

We are not afraid to be silly at times if it helps us sell a home or get helpful information across. These videos reflect a little bit of our personality and willingness to try new things to help our clients sell their homes.


Old How To Videos

I was approached and hired to record these videos and it was the first time I had done anything like this. It was a little nerve wracking but I think they turned out ok and I have gotten a lot of feedback from people all over the world who have said these videos have helped them. I hope they can help you as well!


Motivational Videos

We all need a little motivation each day. Here are some videos to help you get motivated and achieve your goals. Let us help you realize your goals and let us know what we can do to help.