The home inspection process can be very scary whether you are buying or selling a home. Nevertheless, that should not stress since the only responsibility of an inspector is carrying out a thorough inspection that will satisfy you as the buyer. Choosing to work with your home inspector will make the whole process easier. However, there are things you need to keep in mind first as listed below.  This is what your home inspector wish you knew:

For buyers:

  • Know that almost anything can be fixed You need to know that even though there might be defects or damages on the home, they are either fixable, replaceable or can be upgraded. You only need to identify what those things are then they can be fixed.
  • Realize that your potential home will have problems

Your home inspector will end up with a list of problems after inspecting the home you wish to buy. That shouldn’t be a problem to you. If anything, the inspection will help you recognize the order in which to handle the problems.

  • Understand that your home inspector can’t predict the future

You may want your inspector to tell you the number of years the roof can be able to last before damaging or a replacement is done. Although the inspector may be in position to give you a rough estimate of time, he can’t be able to give you a precise timeline.

  • Find the balance

You are likely to forget how lovely the home is when considering the dollar mark along with the other resources you may have to spend during repairs. You just need to evaluate keenly and think intellectually if it is a future investment that is smart.

  • You should be worried of water

It is important to address water related concerns and issues before the closure of the house deal. This does not mean it is a deal breaker since we earlier noticed that every problem can be fixed. The basement should be thoroughly inspected since it is the only one that may be expensive or difficult to repair. Leaky ceilings, paddles and walls should also be closed noted.

For sellers:

  • Make the house tidy

You need to do some more cleaning prior to the inspection whether you intend to be there during the inspection or not. The house should to be clean and barrier-free before the appointment time.

  • Move your pets for the day

Some home animals are like to cause interference during the inspection process because they are friendly. The pets are likely to run for their freedom since the process involves opening of exterior doors again and again. The home inspector therefore expects you as the seller to move with your pets as you leave the premises for the inspection day or keep them in a safe place.

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