How to buy a home with     Are you one of the thousands of people out there trying to figure out how to buy a home?  Maybe you are a first time home buyer, don’t think you could qualify or don’t think you have the money to cover a down payment.  When looking to buy a home it is always best to find a good Realtor® to help you out and make sure they are among the best in your areas by looking at their reviews.  When looking to buy, here are a few tips to help guide you on how to buy a home.


  • Pre-qualification:  Have you contacted a lender to see if you can get pre-qualified for a home loan?  If the answer is no,  definitely start here.  Realtors get calls all the time from people that want to look at this home or that but haven’t gotten pre-qualified yet.  Looking at homes before you know what you can afford or qualify for is putting the cart before the horse for sure.  Ryan and Tiffany Parker with have worked with a lot of lenders and narrowed it down to the very best in communication, ease of use and reliability in their respective areas.  If you need to get pre-qualified touch base with Ryan today or visit their site to use the qualification calculator to get a rough idea of where you stand.


  • Finding a Home:  Now that you have a qualification letter in hand and know what you can afford to actually buy, it is time to find a home.  This can be very difficult and time consuming without help from a good Realtor®.  There are a lot of mls syndicated sites out there to search listings such as your Zillow,, etc but keep in mind that these sites are nation wide and anyone can add a listing to it without having any credentials, ruining the validity of the actual listings.  Time and time again buyers shopping for a home will find something they like on one of these sites only to find out that it was a bait and switch type listing or the listing has been sold or expired for months and the database has not updated.  A great resource to search mls listings is for accurate, active Central Texas MLS listings and for accurate, active San Antonio Listings.   If you are looking in other Texas areas you can contact Ryan Parker with 4SaleNB as well because he has access to all major Texas markets.


  • Make an Offer:  Congrats!  You have found a home that you love and it is still available.  It is imperative to use a Licensed Realtor® to submit an offer on your potential new home.  Keep in mind, the seller pays the for your representation and does not reduce the price if you try to do it yourself.  Your representations fee is built into the listing agents commission.  If you choose not to have representation, the listing agent keeps all the commission instead of having to split with your agent.  This is a no brainer.  Get yourself Realtor®!  Call, text or email Ryan Parker and let him help you with the offer and walk you through the process.


  • Offer Accepted, Title and Closing:  Since I’m sure you get the drift here and you will contact Ryan Parker with to help you buy your home, we will group the rest of the transaction together.  Ryan will take your accepted offer and submit it to the agreed upon title company and send you a layout of what to expect next.  Make sure you read and follow the outline because this has been proven time and time again to streamline the process and make a positive experience for everyone.  There are a number of steps from this point so going through it all wold be a waste of time since you now see that hiring a Realtor® is the best way to go.  Congratulations on your new purchase and thank you for choosing us to represent you!


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