Selling your home at a desirable price is surely a tough job, but it is not impossible. With the assistance of an experienced real estate agent, selling a property is simpler and more efficient. However with hundreds of them dealing in the real estate market it is a hard decision to make. If the sale of your property falls into the hand of an un-trained agent, it can lead to a lower than expected sale price, and might cause future problems due to inappropriate handling of the paperwork.

Choosing the right real estate agent is very crucial and should be done with care and precaution. They say, all that glitters isn’t gold, so, the estate agent who’s got big billboards all around the city is not always the best one.  So while choosing the real estate agent, the first step is to make a short list of the candidates that have previously dealt with the selling of property in your area.  It is advisable to make a list of real estate agents that deals in the area of the property and you feel are appropriate for the price range decided by you. Once the list is done, visit the website each of the agent to know about their services, look for customer reviews, if available, and search the internet and other property review websites for more information about the agent.

Make the decision on the basis of the area and the type of properties the agent mostly deal, for e.g. If you are planning to sell a townhouse and the agent mostly sells commercial properties or apartments and in different area, it will be better to consider him after the one who primarily sells the townhouses on the list. After short listing the relevant agents by research, look for the word to mouth references for the agents. References given by real people offline and the one who knows you can never be wrong. The real unfiltered experiences of the agent’s customer will show you the true picture.

After cutting short and prioritizing the list on the basis of references, now it is time to meet these agents in personal.  Communication is the key. Discuss the previous properties sold the by the agent. Ask for yearly statistics of the sales made, potential customer coming to the agent, etc to know whether the data comply with the words said by the agent. Ask the agent about the strategy he will apply to sell your property and in his response, check if he is focusing over the selling points of your property, giving you a price according to the market.

 Other things to be cautious about is the registration of the agent with the local communities, a professionalized degree, availability of previous year analysis data etc. Look for an agent that gives you a lot of contact of buyers for your property over the one which is forcing you to settle among a couple.  

 Make sure that you don’t choose an agent who is is too famous in the local real estate scene and hence too busy even to focus on your property properly. Remember, your property is your asset and it should be handed only in trust worthy hands.

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