Here are some more progress pictures of the big home remodel /addition job we are doing for some of our great customers. Keep checking back for more!:
If you or someone you know are in the market to build/remodel/add-on, please contact us!
Master Suite Addition:
New Back of house:
New Dining Room:
Existing house to new addition, deck, view:
Inside of house to master:
Master suite:
Front of house and new entry:
Side of house:


Front of house and entry:
Back addition:
Master addition, deck, back addition and man cave
Master suite and deck addition:
Coming along great!
Do you need construction work done around the house or are you looking to build a new home?  Lets face it, lately it has been extremely hard to find qualified and trustworthy construction trades for the projects you need done.

Hi, I’m Ryan Parker and the owner of and Realtor® with  Did you know that I was born into construction and have built and sold over 500 homes locally?  Throughout the years, being involved in construction, I have established a great trade base and eye for detail and customer service.  We have hand picked some of the trades that we trust the most to do various projects and offer to get you in touch with them upon request.

Now keep in mind, we are not taking responsibility for their work and will not be tied in to warranties or guarantees of any kind but we don’t mind helping you get your ideas to our reliable contractors and checking on the process to try to help ensure it gets done correctly and as planned.  We offer this for free to you, our customers, in hopes that you will recommend us to your friends and family if they need help with any type of real estate, from residential to commercial sales and leases.

So let me know what you are needing done and I will help you find the contractor, builder, remodeler or even a flooring installer, supplier, designer, painter, trim guy, landscaper, etc.  We want to help you with your real estate, home repair, addition and building needs and would love to get to know you.  We are in the business of meeting good people and helping you when we can with what we can.  Drop me a line below the videos or through text (830)481-2233 and let me know what you need.  I have a lot of experience in all our fields of expertise and would love to share the knowledge and help you out.


Got Questions?  Tell Us What You Need.