Top 5 renovations for return on investment by 4SaleNB.comOne of the key things every homeowner is always concerned about is how they can add value to their home. Whether you are planning to sell your home or intend to build long-term equity, it is important for you to invest in the right renos. This will help you get a return on your investment.  This is your top five renovations for return on investment.

  • Kitchens

Remodeling a kitchen can be very costly considering your preference and ideas. Mentioning words such as “custom” or “stainless steel” can really be scary. The good news is that it’s possible to do a great renovation job in your kitchen on a realistic budget. Furthermore, your kitchen is the room that will give you the biggest return on investment.

Stone remains the leading alternative for kitchen counters although we have other affordable alternatives such as composite, butcher block, and high-end laminates. When it comes to cabinets, consider customizing standard, out-of-the-box cabinetry for your kitchen layout.

  • Bathrooms

If you are asked to give a description of your perfect bathroom what would be your response? Most homeowners will tell you they want a “spa like” bathroom but won’t explain what this means. Well, you could be in the same category. A perfect bathroom should at least have modern materials, clean lines, chic finishes, and a soothing color palette. Your bathroom is actually one of the smallest room and won’t take a lot of material.

  • Flooring

Hardwood floors top the list of the things homeowners and tenants request when looking for a home. One of the advantages of a hardwood floor is durability. However, you have to be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets. You may consider weighing your options and go for engineered or traditional hardwood. It all depends with your choice whether you want hardwood or other laminate options. Note that a flooring update adds value and brings newness to your home.

  • Hardware and Fixtures

You should consider replacing some of the inexpensive items in your home such as sinks, drawer pulls, toilets, and faucets. Though it may appear simple or an unnecessary update it can make a huge impact. These are inexpensive items that will not only increase your home’s value but also improve the entire feel of a room.

  • Income Suites

If there is any renovation that can increase the value of your home is adding an income suite. Of course, you have to do it correctly. Whether it’s a coach house style suite in your garage or your basement, or a loft conversion, renovating income suites will certainly double your investment.  

  • Hiring A Trade

As you may know, it is hard to find a good trustworthy contractor to manage your home renovation project and knowing what project is right for you may be difficult as well.  Ryan with can now help you with both.  We can help identify the most needed project to help us sell your home for you at top dollar as well as help you hire the right contractor to do the job.  Shoot us a text, call or leave us a message below to let us know what you need.  We are always happy to help!



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